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During the past months one thing which has let people stay connected in Social Media. Even though people are bound at home and separated by COVID 19, they are united by social media. Platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram has made people and even businesses engage with the world. This emphasis on mainstream social media has shown the power of connection and support. One must stay active on SMM in digital marketing now more than ever as it provides, 


New Identity 

Social Media helps to portray yourself as an individual to share your inputs, perspectives, and opinions. People generally use social media to connect with friends, family, and likeminded people around the world.

Whereas for businesses social media lets them Through Social Media digital marketing businesses can brand, sell, and market by showing their services and requirements. In current times with everything being locked-down, social media platforms must be used to connect with customers and grow their business online. 


A Contribution

Through Social Media, you can help, support, and contribute. It lets you express your goodwill for society and your business. For instance, during the COVID-19 outbreak, businesses struggled with losing sales and hold in the market. These businesses upgraded their marketing with social media agency which led them to contribute their share with customers. 

Mainly, the aim was to reach out to the customers to gain their trust and show affection in such times of need. To use social media as a mode to support takes it to a whole new paradigm. From sharing support to communal attacks, earthquakes, and other events social media has brought awareness, affection, and allowance. 


Convenience with Inconvenience

Social Media is known for being user-oriented and spreading awareness. But with being an easy resource it also spreads questionable rumors and misinformation. But recently, social media platforms have been taken into consideration these issues by responsibly taking down fake news and taking the right steps by not misguiding and providing facts. 


Effective Marketing Method

Social Media is one cost-effective method of marketing which is why it is practiced by multiple businesses to connect to more people, increase your audience, and grow your business. In times of crisis, companies who didn’t have an online presence shifted to digital marketing by understanding the importance of it. Social media has let these companies organize and host such activities such as Webinars, YouTube Videos, or share about their support on Facebook and Instagram during the lockdown.


Smooth Pathway Towards Audience 

By adapting trending modes of activity businesses must not straight away try selling their services but instead gain the value and trust of the audience. Social Media being a mainstream media platform is always crowded with trending, contextual, and current situations in the market. In such times of crisis, if one promotes themselves on social media only based on the lines of branding and not showing support then it can tend to become distasteful.

So, instead of only idealizing on branding one must also embrace the contextual logic of being on social media during the COVID 19 crisis. Company profiles must practice that they deliver messages and show support by providing helpful information. 


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