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The GIFT that won’t stop giving

Nestled amidst the vibrant tapestry of Gujarat, lies a city that will be unlike any other – the
GIFT City. More than just a physical space, it’s a vision, a blueprint for the future of finance,
technology, and sustainable living. This futuristic metropolis, currently under construction in
the district of Gandhinagar, is poised to transform India’s economic landscape and emerge as
a global financial powerhouse.

What’s the GIFT?
Gujarat International Finance Tec-City, or GIFT City, embodies a bold ambition. It aspires to
be India’s answer to Wall Street, a hub where global financial giants will rub shoulders with
budding startups, fostering innovation and propelling the nation’s financial prowess. But
GIFT City is more than just an economic catalyst; it’s a testament to India’s commitment. A
commitment to being smart and sustainable.

Sustainability and smart living

Imagine a city built from the ground up with sustainability as its cornerstone. Envision
towering skyscrapers clad in green facades, powered by renewable energy, and seamlessly
integrated with nature. This is the essence of GIFT City, where electric vehicles will hum
through green corridors, and rainwater harvesting systems will keep its hard-working
residents hydrated throughout the Gujarat summers which can easily touch the 40s. It will be
a city that will breathe clean air, a fate not meant for many modern metropolises, and
celebrate nature setting a benchmark for eco-conscious urban development.

Beyond the aesthetics: The GIFT City is not just about grand innovation-laden
buildings, it’s also about revolutionising the way we live and work. A city where
smart technology would seamlessly integrate into every aspect of life. Automated
systems ensuring efficiency, and AI-powered services catering to every need – this is
the future that GIFT City promises, a future where technology empowers residents
and businesses alike, fostering a vibrant ecosystem of progress.

The global gateway

However, the GIFT City’s ambitions extend beyond its physical boundaries. It aims to be the
link connecting India to the world’s financial markets. A platform where international
investors and businesses can access India’s vast potential, and Indian companies can
seamlessly integrate with the global financial landscape. This is the role GIFT City is striving
to play, bridging the gap between India and the world, fostering international collaboration,
and propelling the nation onto the global financial stage.

The challenges and the hope

Amidst all these grand visions and futuristic aspirations, lies the question: can GIFT City,
unlike many other promises, actually deliver? The challenges are undeniable. Attracting
global giants, fostering innovation, and ensuring sustainable development requires meticulous
planning, strategic execution, and unwavering dedication. Yet, the early signs are promising.
Leading banks, exchanges, fintechs, airlines, and other ancillary services have already set up
shop, and the city’s infrastructure is rapidly taking shape.

GIFT City is more than just a construction project; it’s a symbol of India’s aspirations. It’s a
testament to the nation’s unwavering belief in its own potential, its commitment to a greener
future, and its ambition to become a global financial leader. As the city takes shape, the world
will watch with anticipation, eager to see if this audacious dream can translate into a reality,
transforming not just the landscape of Gandhi’s Nagar, but the future of India itself.

Urban Spaces and Starry Faces

Star power: I-Stay, a Starwing Group entity, has teamed up with Marathi cinema’s beloved
star, Amruta Khanvilkar, as their brand ambassador. The partnership with Amruta has been a
game-changer, significantly boosting awareness and interest in the project.
I-Stay Apartments: Offering a choice between cozy studio homes and spacious 1BHK
apartments, I-Stay is designed for the modern Mumbaikar seeking comfort and convenience.
Amplifying reach: This collaboration brought to life three captivating reel videos, each
showcasing the unique aspects of I-Stay: the fully furnished studio homes, the generously
sized semi-furnished 1BHK apartments, and an enticing overview of the entire project.
Realatte’s role in success: Realatte took the reins in orchestrating the entire campaign. Our
comprehensive approach covered all bases – liaising with the brand and the star, scripting,
directing, editing, and more.

The result? A highly successful campaign that resonated with
our targeted audience and showcased Realatte’s expertise in bringing real estate projects to
the spotlight.

Check out the Starwing I-Stay Project here.

Real Estate T20

A T20 like no other: Realatte’s latest marketing strategy for Smartworld introduces the Real
Estate T20 campaign, a game-changing offer in the real estate sector. Homebuyers can pay
just 20% of the property price upfront, enjoy a 20% additional discount on payment, and
receive 20 times their booking amount.

● The campaign showcases two standout projects: One DXP, offering opulent smart
homes on Dwarka Expressway, and The Edition, luxury homes redefining the
Gurugram skyline. Each booking also comes with an exciting gift, enhancing the
home-buying experience.

Marketing strategy: The campaign targeted top-funnel audiences through major platforms
like Moneycontrol, Times of India, Financial Express, Economic Times, Hindustan Times,
Vogue, and LinkedIn. It successfully engaged potential customers by appearing as in-app
advertisements on popular food delivery platforms like Swiggy and Zomato. Additionally,
Realatte capitalised on the high viewership of cricket matches to further increase visibility.

● The campaign spread across over 20 channels, achieving more than 10 crore
impressions, 15 lakh clicks, and reaching over 4 crore potential customers. With a
budget of over 1 crore, the campaign has made a significant impact in the market.
This innovative approach not only offers exceptional value to homebuyers but also sets new
standards in real estate marketing, in trademark Realatte style.

Winning in style

We’re super excited to share some awesome news from the ET Realty Event held at Hotel Taj
Santacruz in Mumbai on February 23, 2024. It was a gathering of the who’s who in real
estate, and guess what? Realatte stole the show! We bagged the Best National Digital
Marketing Campaign Award for our cool collaboration with Runwal Developers.

Our co-founder, Nirav Gosalia, shared some insights on how the digital world is all
about videos now. He talked about how ad videos and reels are making it easier and
cheaper to get leads, and how important it is to be on social media if you’re in real
If you’re looking to up your real estate marketing game, give us a shout at Realatte. Let’s
make some magic happen together!

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