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Website Design and Development

We may make the best digital marketing strategy but if the web page is not engaging enough the visitor will bounce. The landing page is often the show stopper when it comes to maximising the ROI for paid campaigns. The online visitor has very little patience and is browsing multiple web pages at the same time. If our website does not catch his attention in time we will lose the opportunity of converting that visitor into an actionable lead.

Intuitive Page Design

In todays competitive environment we need to capture the visitors attention and the first step in that direction is to have a visually appealing and an intuitive layout. Our web designers make sure that your visitor is able to find what he is looking for in the first fold of the page without any difficulty. A right mix of text, images and call to actions often conveys the message perfectly.

SEO Friendly

Technology has a big role to play in the on page seo of websites. Our website development team chooses a technology stack that can enable changing the data and meta data on the website easy through a content management system. Our seo company experts work in tandem with the website development team to make sure that we take complete responsibility of the SEO performance.

Website Load Time

Technology that can scale with traffic is critical to make sure that website loads at a good speed irrespective of the traffic. We are experts at making sure that your website load time is better than competition. We do this by choosing a robust technology stack equipped with server caching and database caching to make sure that we pages can be served at full speed.

Responsive Layout

Smart phones and tablets are the major sources of traffic and so we must make sure that your website is equally engaging on the tablet and smart phones. Our website development experts make sure that your website is responsive, i.e it automatically changes layout as per the device it is opened on.

Prospect Capturing Modules

Once we get the traffic to the website the next challenge is to convert those visitors into leads. Our web design experts define smart call to actions to capture the details of the visitors intuitively. This boosts your website conversion rates thereby increasing the Return on Investment (ROI) on ppc marketing spends.

Social Media Integrations

Social Media Integrations enable your website to be updated with the latest posts and activities from Facebook, twitter, linkedIn and other social platforms. It also allows the users to share the content on your website on their personal social network.