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The onset of the COVID-19 pandemic locked down everything from schools to workplaces across the globe and forced all of us to live our lives in the digital realm. Realatte Ventures, as a real estate marketing agency, reviews ten best video conferencing app of 2020 so far.  Many digital agencies in Mumbai must have come across some of this software in their day to day life amidst the pandemic with online meetings, online schools, and also with your friends and family. 


Top 10 Best Video Conferencing Software:

  1. CloudMeet
  2. Zoom Meetings
  3. Cisco Webex Meetings
  4. Skype
  5. Google Hangouts Meet
  6. Microsoft Teams
  7. GoTo Meetings
  8. TeamViewer
  9. UberConference
  10. BlueJeans Meetings



With CoudMeet, impart your video conferencing experience more quickly and efficiently. A private web conferencing system like Cloudmeet lets you send messages publicly and privately, hold meetings in HD audio and video, allows breakout rooms, polls, screen sharing, and multi-user whiteboard. Apart from that, a CloudMeeting is better than other video conferencing software as it avails no time limit on sessions, cost-effective than other software in the market, and highly secure.



Zoom is a famous online meeting and video conferencing platform known for its webinar capabilities for live virtual events and broadcasting. It features Video Webinar, Rooms, Phone, chat functionality, etc. In terms of performance and compatibility features, Zoom prevails HD audio and video quality, low internet connection requirements, compatible with browsers Chrome, Firefox, Safari, and IE. Screen sharing features include desktop, document, application, and whiteboard sharing. Security features include user authentication, a list of participants, a confidential attendee list, and a secure file sharing feature. Mid-sized companies highly use Zoom for their quality features and tools. With advanced features, Zoom is highly used in educational sectors and hospital management. 



Webex Meetings already is an ace in computer software with one of the most secure videos conferencing platforms on the market. With the new Webex Room Phone, it enables a whole new level of capabilities beyond phone calls—the one-touch joining of meetings, nearby pairing with the Webex app, the ability to share screen, and application with both guests and employees, and more. Lately, there are two new integrations been made in the software; firstly, it will have a leading cloud content management platform also an electronic health record software. With these additions, the Webex meeting would be a boon for the healthcare facility and the commercial sector. 



Skype dates back to being the highest scorer in terms of video conferencing software, being a free web meeting, video conferencing, and VoIP software. It includes messaging, audio, and video Skype-to-Skype calls,  can call mobile phones and landlines, charged international calling, and conference calling capabilities up to 25 people. Skype is a clear winner in this race as it enables the user with background blurring, voice and text translation, location share, and conversation search. The best video conferencing software for a small business, midsize company, or enterprise. 



Apart from Skype, the new venture of Google Hangouts Meet is being used as users go-to meeting spot alongside emailing and replying on hangout. It has been a real catch for all internal meetings and has been easily accessible to the clientele. The easy to use Google Hangouts Meet is self-sufficient for users to create a session, jump into one, and to share with another one. Besides having good audio and video quality, the sessions cant be recorded and have better access for non-G Suite users. 



Microsoft Teams has the perfect combination of video conferencing software with team collaboration tools. It allows MS Office users to conduct conference calls and share files via, join, or initiate a group chat. With Microsoft meetings, it avails you to meet with teams ranging from 10 or 10,000. 



GoToMeeting has a colossal base of users for real-time virtual communication and collaboration. GoToMeeting being fast and efficiently, enables users to meet face to face, share presentations, and chat all with the click of a button. Designed with a mix of productivity, the work can be done effectively on any device at any time. Excellent use for presentation,  web, and video conferencing. 



Aiming to empower the connection between users and their work, TeamViewer offers secure remote access, support, control, and collaboration capabilities.  Around 1.7 billion devices have used TeamViewer and are rising day by day. The recent LiveChat integration adds a fundamental feature in the video conferencing software. 



UberConference has its altogether different set of capabilities than the rest of them. With the integration of document management capability, it enables third-party applications such as Google Drive, LinkedIn, Evernote, and Dropbox. It provides features such as screen sharing, calls controls and recording, and a mobile application. A unique feature provided by UberConference is custom hold music, allowing users to upload music files in their app settings for meetings and conferences. By the time the meeting starts, participants can listen to it while they wait for the conversation to begin. Additionally, for insights on meetings and conference calls, UberConference provides analytics into business communications.



BlueJeans video conferencing allows us to better interact with employees and clients. Dolby Noise Cancelling enhances the call quality in the app. If there were annotations on shared content, it would be helpful as it will let the user mark things up in real-time. Video quality can be scaled to better quality and also allow to disable video. 

As more and more governments, educational institutions, hospitals, and other essential organizations turn to the digital realm, so increases the demand for the best in class video conferencing software. As a part of the community, real estate marketing companies have to transgress towards being more dependent and deployed towards the digital realm. 


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