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On the race of being the one on the top searches of Google is the achievement of every brand and marketer. But what beats that? A box that appears with the precise word to word information of the search query - a Featured Snippet.

Featured snippets are the characterized and factual content that shows up in Google’s SERPs immediately after the paid ads and sponsored posts. They hold the power to drive a ton of attention toward your site and can be an invaluable stroke for any SEO marketing agency. Considering the advantages of featuring your content on the featured snippet comes with more clicks, more visibility, and a higher conversion rate. 

But, how to get a featured snippet for your content? 


Optimize Your Page

Originally, featured snippets are programmed to simply answer questions. It is Google’s algorithms that find the page with the most simple and relevant answer to the user's question. Firstly, by optimizing your page with relevant content based on user’s queries the chances of being featured on the snippet rises. 


Optimize Your Content

Specific Content - User’s questions would be answered only if the content is specific and to the point. As featured snippets are informative, make sure the content is in-depth. The content should be written in a format to answer a rhetorical question. Simply put, if 

The content doesn't answer questions, it won’t be eligible to appear in the featured content. 

Google’s algorithms search through countless sites to provide the users with the information they require, entirely based on the content. Keep in mind creating the content keeping the user’s questions at the center. 


Content-Based On Wh-Questions - To write content based on the user’s queries, a lot of research is required. Start by searching what the users might search in the Google search box that might bring up some enticing topics for your content that’s more likely to rank in the snippets. 

Generally, content to be written on the topics should answer How does, How do, How to, What is, Why, etc. there are 19% chances that your content might result in a featured snippet if such Wh- questions are answered. 

High- End Content - The foremost requirement is the need to understand about featured snippets is that they do not take any detour from Google’s complex ranking system. Through featured snippets your brand can generate great organic results, it is a smart move to keep all the ranking requirements in mind while creating the content. 

For the content to be highly engaging, it needs to be Rich Comprehension, User-oriented, entertaining, and High in quality. Using these tactics can enhance your chance of landing on the featured snippet and availed for the wider base of readers.

Be Responsive - The user’s questions need to be answered by hook or by crook. While creating the content skim the surface by diving deep into your content with in-depth information that covers all the corners of the user’s query. Apart from the content, add visual content such as videos or infographics as reference.

Also, keep the whole reader's base mind and not write which might not be understandable. By following these steps, your content will easily outperform your competition and reach across the web to be landed in the featured snippet. 


Importance of Keyword Research

By conducting keyword research, search volume tells us how established a particular keyword is, while through keyword difficulty it indicates how hard it will be to rank for that term based on the current rankings along with the competitor sites. Keyword research is therefore one of the most vital and great return activities performed by any digital marketing agency through search engine optimization. 

Ranking for the correct keywords can make or break your website's performance in the overall use of search engines and might give you more chances to be landed on the Featured Snippet. 


Featured Snippets - Ultimate Exposure

As far as Google focuses on user intent and user experience, featured snippets shall continue to gain importance. Featured Snippet is the most relevantly accessible feature that Google has adapted for the betterment of the user’s. Once you are ready and confident with your content, you can boost your online engagement much more and make it easier for users everywhere to interact with your site in this crammed digital environment.


Google designed the featured snippet to provide the best answer possible to the user's question and you have acknowledged every possible way of how you can reach there. With the services of real estate digital marketing agencies like Realatte you can keep the optimization cycle running even if you don't reach the featured snippet, you might just come ahead of your competitors in the market.


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