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With an uncertain market and unstable economy, it is understandable to save resources and assets, but is that necessary? Birds alike often flock together but not now. Amidst the economic crisis, companies have naturally inclined a pullback on marketing and sales. Whereas, an economic crisis is meant to be challenging but it also comes bearing an opportunity for the marketing sector while the competitors are flocking away. 

Looking through the lens of the Real Estate sector, it has seen various crises such as the financial crisis of 2008, implemented reforms of demonetization, RERA, GST, IBC, and subvention scheme ban, and yet it found ways to emerge. But the COVID 19 impact has juxtaposed a catastrophic financial crisis and a human health crisis concurrently at a global level. 

Even though the world is facing such uncanny circumstances, it still has not stopped the world from revolving. Apart from Travel, Hospitality, and Retail sector every other sector including Real Estate must revolve and evolve by looking at the positive side of Post COVID 19 with investing in Digital Marketing now more than ever.

Here are a few ways as to how Digital Marketing can transform the Real Estate industry  for a post-COVID-19 future:


Be Amongst The One Who Rises

Instead of facing the downfall of the crisis, real estate needs to rise by shifting its marketing strategy to the digital platform and invest in campaigns that exhibit, produce, and distribute your essence to the audience.  

Exhibition - Maintaining a level of brand awareness is a priority for every Real Estate company as it lets them exhibit their message to customers on COVID measures, social initiatives, CEO messages, project features, construction status,  lockdown offers, and opportunities.

Production - as construction sites have begun to function, it is the company's responsibility to assure the audience that they follow precautions and safety. Digital Marketing helps companies to fulfill this responsibility by social media digital marketing and assuring the production of their project site is working under safety precautions and social distancing. Companies can gain the trust of their audience through spreading such deeds through digital platforms. 

Distribution - In the current lockdown situation, real estate has faced a drop in inquiries and a decline in property visits, which is not hampered due to the digital marketing sales process that moved the entire consumer cycle process online - from inquiry to booking. Companies who have adopted digital modes of marketing are distributing their projects with live tours, refunds, and online portals to buy a home online. 


Shift to Digital Marketing

It is a known fact that inevitably some will rise and some may fall during this pandemic. Real Estate Companies need to keep their marketing strong vis-à-vis digital marketing that will make the company come out of this downturn more prominently than before. 

Accept Change -  To survive, the real estate companies need to accept the shift of traditional to digital marketing in this wake of COVID 19 as it will transform the company’s presence and functioning. As real estate digital marketing lets you share 360 views, live walkthrough videos, construction sites, etc, and encourages your customers to be more digitally attached.

Outreach - Companies must not risk their digital presence and lose grounds by pulling back spends. A digital marketing agency will help the company with creating a firm stance only if companies keep spending on marketing channels as there is nothing to lose but surely more to gain. 

Cost-Effective - Digital Marketing is less expensive than other traditional marketing tactics, a sizable and impactful online effort on the company profile can be done more quickly and cost-effectively than an offline campaign. Realatte as a real estate marketing agency can help your company create assets of Social Media Posts, Emailers, Landing Pages, and Corporate Sites at the best rate.


Why Market Online Now?

Best Opportunity to Capitalize on Google Search:

These are users actively looking to buy a property. Recommended to be online with Brand, Competition, and Core Location Keywords as due to lower competitive bidding it is time to be active on Search.

Low CPL on Display / Facebook Campaigns:

As all digital platforms work on bidding models, due to reduced advertisers in the pandemic, CPLs on Facebook are quite its half which benefits new companies to advertise their business. 

High Conversion Rates - Landing Page conversion rates are one of the defining factors of a successful campaign. A real estate website development company can improve your overall optimal results. 

Sales and Marketing - Sales can function with digital marketing and each audience by showing them how their company stands within the bigger picture of surviving and growing Post COVID 19. Through the use of digital portals and the emergence of booking homes online, with the use of digitalization sales teams must generate inquiries on the incoming leads and reach them when the lockdown lifts. 

Content Marketing - Content marketing and search engine optimization need to share grounds by sharing your company’s value and service to the audience. Take the content-based approach to meet consumer needs and respond to real problems by focusing on solutions that your company offers during the crisis.


In an economic crisis, people tend to return to brands they know and trust. Marketing budgets may now differ as real estate companies will look for more cost-effective ways to reach their target audiences. Expect to transform from traditional marketing to digital marketing as it will effectively scale up the advertising ratio. With adapting digital marketing, real estate will not only transform in marketing but also projects and service offerings.


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