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In the COVID 19 infused lockdown businesses have to find ways to function. Be it commerce or eCommerce, businesses can engage effortlessly through an array of digital marketing strategies but one finds maximum customer engagement over Social Media Marketing.

Why Social Media Marketing?

Social Media Marketing uses social media applications to connect such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, etc to help you grow and expand your business. Due to COVID 19, Gold industry, Hotel industry, Manufacturing industry, Stock market, and Real Estate - everyone owes it to the Social Media as it benefits them in,


  1. Being Defined - Social Media helps to portray your business in terms of services and requirements. Social Media is really popular amongst customers which results in extensive reach and dynamic functionality. Once you define your business on social media, your business will be known, defined, and recognized by customers effortlessly.
  2. Connect to customers - The eCommerce business of social media digital marketing or any mode of online marketing has been running at its utmost pace now more than ever. As the whole world is connected through the means of social media platforms such as Facebook (2 billion), YouTube (2 billion), Instagram (1 billion), Twitter (330 million) LinkedIn (303 million), and Pinterest (250 million) active users.
  3. Convenient - Social Media is known for being easily accessible. For staying user-oriented, social media platforms can position your business as a useful resource for the audience in the market to be aware of. Through platforms, you can provide an insight of offers and services easily to your desired customers. Questions and doubts of customers can be easily solved too.
  4. Online Store - Even though businesses thrived with a digital presence but never found a reason to sell their products online. The pandemic has made them realize how the power of an online store can generate customer attention and how their business can function even digitally.
  5. Brand Awareness - In response to the influx of homebound consumers going online. Any business without an online presence is likely to lose market share to more digital-savvy competitors. Prompting and successful businesses are frequently discussed on social platforms and these conversations become significant to brand awareness and sales growth.
  6. Effective Method - Apart from the SEO and SEM techniques of digital marketing, Social Media is cost-effective as it promotes your content and special offers directly on customer's feed. Having a SMM in digital marketing strategy helps your business to connect to more people, increase your audience, and grow your business.
  7. Media Trends - Spot new trends on social media platforms and implement them before others do. Businesses can connect on a more supportive level on social media by adapting trending modes of activity. Your business can organize such activities such as hosting Webinars, YouTube Videos or share about their support during the lockdown.
  8. Attract Potential Customers - Social media platforms allow you to attract new customers and connect to more potential customers. If your business is new to social media marketing, you can easily reach thousands of customers through it. You can also establish yourself as a thoughtful business in your market by not directly selling your product but creating a halo of your service around the customers. Connect with customers on a broader scale by sharing valuable and informative content regarding your business.
  9. Feedback and Reviews - Social Media comes with both - customers and competitors. For better engagement with the audience, receive feedbacks and reviews as they hold a potent amount of power. 92% of users look at reviews before engaging with online businesses. Moreover, having reviews and feedback helps to fulfill the needs and demands of the customers. It is an easy way to build rapport and excitement for your business.
  10. Gain Trust - Social Media lets you garner your goodwill for society and your business. For instance, during the COVID-19 outbreak, businesses have struggled between selling and insensitivity. Engage with your customers in a sensitive and supportive manner by keeping aside direct selling. Showing compassion in times of need will gain the customer's trust in your business.


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