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Even though SEO is one of the most talked-about features at digital agencies in Mumbai as it is dwelled on in the world of digital marketing. With a plethora of research and planning it is known that content is King and thus To get traffic and visitors to your website or marketing campaign, it requires SEO optimized content. The ideal way to know the importance of keyword research is by understanding what your audience wants to find. 

Importance of Keyword Research

The foundation of any marketing strategy entirely relies on keyword research. Optimized by search engines, keyword research is performed to find words and phrases that users are searching for on Google and other major sources. As keywords have an increasing focus on the searcher's intent, a great deal goes into understanding the audience's search.

Keyword research can be performed through the use of certain tools which lets the marketers recognize the best keywords for clients by indicating pertained search terms and suggesting valuable metrics such as search volume and keyword difficulty. 

By conducting keyword research, search volume tells us how established a particular keyword is, while through keyword difficulty it indicates how hard it will be to rank for that term based on the current rankings along with the competitor sites. Keyword research is therefore one of the most vital and great return activities performed by any digital marketing agency through search engine optimization. Ranking for the correct keywords can make or break your website's performance in the overall use of search engines.

Focus On Your Audience

Keyword research is entirely done for the audience and towards the audience. By focusing on your audience and then using keyword data to buff those insights will make much more successful campaigns than focusing on erratically arbitrary keywords.

Discover Right Keywords

The right keywords are generally things like products, services, or other topics your website addresses, as those can be the seed keywords for your research. Besides, those keywords can be entered into a keyword research tool to discover average search volume and similar keywords. By doing this, marketers can determine which variations of keywords are most popular amongst the audience. It is advantageous to target the audience with what they are searching for. By the use of search volume, it is easy to prioritize certain keywords that shall give the website a strategic advantage.

Uncovering search volume

Long Tail Keywords take up the top 10 results for high-volume keywords, so going after the same keywords can be like going on an uphill battle for ranking with them. Instead, for higher search volume long-tail keywords can be used for organic ranking success against greater competition. In most cases, it may be most advantageous to target highly specific, lower competition search terms rather higher.

Use Of Keywords All Over The Content

By incorporating keywords on every optimized page of your website, meta titles, descriptions, and even in the URL can help in making the content to be noticed. With well-written content, the website can reach the paramount of SEO strategy. Google often rewards websites that offer the most value to visitors with the use of keywords in H1 and H2 headings. 

Keywords Used In The Market

By prioritizing high-volume keywords that the competitors in the market are not currently ranking for shall bid high rankings for you. Apart from that keywords from the competitors must also be prioritized for support ranking. Such an aggressive strategy can set you up to compete for keywords your competitors are already performing with.

Value Of Keywords

The value of the keywords can be found and metricated by certain tools that help the SEO marketing agency to find the right keywords for the clients. Tools such as,

Google Keyword Planner - Google's AdWords Keyword Planner has been the most common focal point for any SEO keyword research. However, Keyword Planner does have some restrictions on search volume data by lumping keywords together into large search volume range buckets. 

Moz Keyword Explorer - By inputting a keyword in the Keyword Explorer tool can generate information like monthly search volume and SERP features that are ranking for that keyword. The tool brings out accurate search volume data by using live clickstream data. It can also help you narrow down your keyword options to the phrases with the topmost ranking. With a higher keyword score, the more difficult it would be to rank. 

Google Trends - A keyword trend tool is an ultimate tool for finding seasonal keyword variations. 

AnswerThePublic - As it is a free keyword research tool it populates commonly searched questions around a specific keyword. 

The importance of keyword research comes with SEO marketing making it one of the most effective methods used in digital marketing. Realatte a real estate marketing agency integrates effective SEO with other digital marketing tools and techniques resulting in growth and an ultimate outreach. With our optimized SEO team, we aim to maximize your sales with a high-end strategy to enhance site traffic, top ranking, and high conversion rates.


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