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Predictive Marketing

Marketing today can be predicted based on abundant available data. People today engage with consumer products and brands over several open portals. To understand the product better their search patterns and choices become raw data. Thus consumer fed content is extremely unstructured thus predictive marketing enables structuring these interactions, analyzing the existing data patterns, and anticipating results accordingly with a lot of R&D.

Many directly consumer dependent industries have invested heavily in this technology, to predict the sales or to determine the expected number of guests on a particular day or event to increase their booking rate in case of hotels or resorts.

However, the innovative ways of developing the predictive strategy have emerged largely due to the rise of the digital marketing agency. Ecommerce businesses can look past their purchase history, consumer preferences, and click-through behaviors. They are capable to leverage predictive data to the extent of influencing buyers as they not only recommend new products but also a personalized retail experience for their shoppers.

Simpler Ads

Ads on Google and Facebook have topped the digital ad medium. Their focus in 2020 is getting their trusted brands with the best possible returns. Through the smart bidding option both giants are getting creative with new options. For example, Google recently announced auction-time bidding which is smarter automated bidding which uses machine learning to augment the target on the selected performance in every auction. However, to bridge the gap between local experiences and advertisers, Google and Facebook will also be offering more local business and event-based ad support.

Clever Shopping Posts

In the year 2020 easy shopping posts on social media will witness maximum response primarily because of their easier, out of the box integrations with third-party apps and eCommerce marketing tech. With the increased number of Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest users growing and buying impulses are triggered through feeds and stories. Ecommerce businesses are therefore realizing the impact of social sites on their sales with measurable numbers and increased traffic. Moreover, interactive ads can minimize recoil rate and decrease the sales funnel as customers are provided with a seamless online shopping experience.

SEO Data Structuring

Google has been highlighting visual search through snippets across all their platforms and devices, which allow visitors to get all the information they are looking a lot faster and help them decide on the right website to click through, right from the top results. This effort by Google will drive more informed click-through and will decrease bounce rates dramatically. The technical implementation of these rich snippets is a big part of what is called structured data and “Schema Markup” which is expected to become the top focused talks of SEO marketing agency in 2020.

The good thing about Schema Markup is its simplicity of adoption and out of the box plugins for main-stream platforms, this makes it easier to configure without technical know-how.

Interactive Emailing

More engaging emails have been one of the biggest trends in digital marketing for 2019. Emailing has been a prominent method and is going to sustain itself for a while evolving with better design and delivery. In the upcoming year, we will be able to witness more plain text emails and more interactive email. These engaging emails will have dynamic content that boosts the user’s actions right from their emails instead of having to visit another page to take action. 

Social Messaging Services

It has been researched enough to conclude that Marketers prefer the convenience to transact directly from their preferred messaging channel. Since buyers are all scattered across the web on several online portals, the messaging apps are seizing this opportunity to make business. They are providing new APIs to open messaging between businesses and consumers.

Apps like Whatsapp, Facebook Messenger, and WeChat, are more open approach with flexible APIs for fledged marketing tech available on the market.

The total numbers of users on these 3 interfaces are much larger than any; therefore, many businesses are employing these engaging messaging platforms. Through these mediums they are effectively communicating with their audience with improved personalized strategies. Also, customers who have inhibitions related to anonymity feel much secured with direct interactions using their preferred channel.

With these 5 popular strategies Marketers achieve consolidated tools and out of the box campaigns, which can be deployed for your product by ingenious Digital Marketing Strategies created by real estate digital marketing companies like Realatte. We make your advertisement organic and easy to comprehend with impeccably devised content. With a constructive approach, campaigns by Realatte include these methods and many more to create goals for enhanced business within less time. Thus decreasing the cost and improving consumer focus.

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