Sunteck India Case Studies - Realatte

Sunteck India

  • Project :West World
  • Location :Affordable, Suburban Mumbai
  • Ticket Size :₹ 25 Lacs Onwards
  • Campaign Duration :60 Days
  • Campaign Budget :₹ 1.75 Cr
  • Objective :High reach campaign to generate 30,000+ Leads at a Cost Per Lead of ~INR 600, Achieve a lead to qualification ratio on 45% Create urgency


  • Project location too far from the city with no proper infrastructure and connectivity
  • Established location in the vicinity with good infra and developments

Execution Plan & Strategy

  • To achieve high reach, we had activate more than 15 digital platforms from day 1 of the campaign launch
  • New platforms were activated at intervals to ensure high reach & continuous engagement while non-performing platforms were deactivated or reduced budgets
  • Tactical usage of Google display in the micro-markets to ensure continuous recall for the brand. Remarketing strategy with responsive ads to reach a wide spectrum of the audience in a limited time
  • Latest Google beta features were incorporated during the awareness phase of the campaigns. Zip code targeting and RLSA strategy were implemented.


  • Google recommended non-last click attribution model for tracking conversions
  • Marketing automation for lead nurturing
  • Candid video shots were done to capture real time response and content was curated continuously which boosted the overall digital performance
  • Testimonials and rush at site videos were used in the campaigns for lead generation
  • Google beta strategy of detailed demographics was implemented


  • Total Spend :₹ 1.75 Cr
  • Clicks :15+ Millions
  • Impressions :3.5 Millions
  • Leads :40,000+
  • Cost Per Lead :₹ 430
  • Site Visits :113
  • Booking Done :500+
  • Platforms Managed :Google Search, Google Display, Google Discover, Youtube, Facebook, Taboola, Outbrain, Moneycontrol, Colombia, SMS