Let’s journey into the heart of Saudi Arabia’s ambitious project, The Line – a
futuristic city that’s reshaping our understanding of urban development. For
India’s real estate gurus, there’s a trove of insights to be gleaned from this
architectural marvel.

A city of tomorrow: Envision a city stretching 170 kilometres, free from cars,
streets, and pollution. The Line is a symphony of sustainability, technology, and
visionary urban planning. It’s a bold leap into what future cities could look like
– a seamless blend of nature, innovation, and human-centric design.
Sustainability at its core: The Line is a testament to eco-friendly
development. Powered entirely by renewable energy, it promises a minimal
carbon footprint. Imagine living spaces where renewable energy sources are not
just an add-on but the backbone. This is a city that breathes green innovation at
every corner.
Revolutionizing urban living:
No cars, no streets: The Line reimagines city life without the hustle and
bustle of traffic. It’s about walking, cycling, and using ultra-efficient
public transport, offering a lifestyle change that puts health and wellbeing
Smart city features: Picture a city with smart infrastructure, where
technology serves to enhance the quality of life. From automated services
to integrated IoT systems, The Line is a blueprint for smart urban living.
Community-centric design: The focus is on creating spaces that foster
community and connectivity. It’s about crafting neighbourhoods that are
not just places to live but spaces to thrive.
Global inspiration: The Line is not just a Saudi Arabian milestone; it’s a
global inspiration. Its unique approach to urban design and sustainability sets a
new benchmark for cities worldwide. The project showcases how ambitious
vision and innovative planning can create environments that are livable,
sustainable, and forward-thinking.
Lessons for India: Embracing sustainability: Indian cities can draw lessons from The Line’s
commitment to eco-friendly development, integrating green solutions in
urban planning.
Smart urban design: The project inspires a rethinking of urban spaces,
emphasizing smart infrastructure and community-centric planning in
Indian cities.
Quality of life focus: The Line shows the importance of designing cities
that prioritize the health and well-being of its residents, a principle that
can guide new developments in India.
Charting a new course: The Line is more than a city; it’s a vision that
challenges the status quo of urban development. For India’s real estate sector,
it’s a beacon of what can be achieved with bold ideas and innovative thinking.
Let’s take this inspiration and mould it into our own urban landscapes, paving
the way for a future where cities are not just places to live but spaces that
enhance life.


Have you ever thought about how the choices we make – from the buildings we
live in to the jewellery we wear – can reflect our values? Just like The Line in
Saudi Arabia is a beacon of innovative and sustainable urban design, there’s a
parallel in the world of diamonds that’s just as striking. Enter Blu Diamonds, a
brand that’s taking the diamond industry by storm, not just with their stunning
lab-grown gems but with a philosophy that echoes our discussions about
futuristic and eco-conscious living.

Blu Diamonds isn’t just about dazzling aesthetics. They’re championing the big
Cs of diamond quality – Colour, Cut, and Carat – with a keen eye on ethical
sourcing and environmental responsibility. It’s similar to how we appreciate
The Line’s approach to sustainable urban development. Choosing a Blu
Diamond means you’re not only getting a piece of luxury but also making a
statement about what you stand for. In a way, it’s like picking a home that
aligns with your beliefs about sustainability and innovation. Find your gem


A marketing rap: Realatte has introduced an innovative approach to real
estate advertising with its campaign for the Starwing I-Stay Project. Featuring
actor Sham Mashalkar and rapper Tushar Bedi, the ad film creatively utilises a
rap song to present the project’s features in an engaging and modern format.
Starwing I-Stay: Strategically located in Andheri East, Mumbai, the Starwing
I-Stay Project offers fully furnished studios and 1 BHK homes. Recognised as
the Most Innovative Smart Home in India in 2023, it caters to the needs of
young professionals and families, boasting over 50 amenities and panoramic
views from its 22-story towers.
Creative synergy:
The campaign reflects Realatte’s commitment to
innovation in real estate marketing. By harmonising entertainment with
information, the campaign not only showcases the Starwing I-Stay Project but
also sets a new standard in the industry, aligning with the project’s vision of
modern and efficient living.


Wrapping up this edition, let’s throwback to December 7th at Spotify India’s
Mumbai office, where Realatte, Spotify, and Logicloop stirred up the world of
audio marketing. It was a night of insights and innovations for the real estate
sector’s movers and shakers.
We, at Realatte, were thrilled to showcase the power of our ECHO principle in
audio marketing. Curious to see how this could amplify your brand’s voice?
Drop us a line, and let’s chat about making your brand’s message resonate
through the power of audio.

The GIFT that won’t stop giving

Nestled amidst the vibrant tapestry of Gujarat, lies a city that will be unlike any other – the
GIFT City. More than just a physical space, it’s a vision, a blueprint for the future of finance,
technology, and sustainable living. This futuristic metropolis, currently under construction in
the district of Gandhinagar, is poised to transform India’s economic landscape and emerge as
a global financial powerhouse.

What’s the GIFT?
Gujarat International Finance Tec-City, or GIFT City, embodies a bold ambition. It aspires to
be India’s answer to Wall Street, a hub where global financial giants will rub shoulders with
budding startups, fostering innovation and propelling the nation’s financial prowess. But
GIFT City is more than just an economic catalyst; it’s a testament to India’s commitment. A
commitment to being smart and sustainable.

Sustainability and smart living

Imagine a city built from the ground up with sustainability as its cornerstone. Envision
towering skyscrapers clad in green facades, powered by renewable energy, and seamlessly
integrated with nature. This is the essence of GIFT City, where electric vehicles will hum
through green corridors, and rainwater harvesting systems will keep its hard-working
residents hydrated throughout the Gujarat summers which can easily touch the 40s. It will be
a city that will breathe clean air, a fate not meant for many modern metropolises, and
celebrate nature setting a benchmark for eco-conscious urban development.

Beyond the aesthetics: The GIFT City is not just about grand innovation-laden
buildings, it’s also about revolutionising the way we live and work. A city where
smart technology would seamlessly integrate into every aspect of life. Automated
systems ensuring efficiency, and AI-powered services catering to every need – this is
the future that GIFT City promises, a future where technology empowers residents
and businesses alike, fostering a vibrant ecosystem of progress.

The global gateway

However, the GIFT City’s ambitions extend beyond its physical boundaries. It aims to be the
link connecting India to the world’s financial markets. A platform where international
investors and businesses can access India’s vast potential, and Indian companies can
seamlessly integrate with the global financial landscape. This is the role GIFT City is striving
to play, bridging the gap between India and the world, fostering international collaboration,
and propelling the nation onto the global financial stage.

The challenges and the hope

Amidst all these grand visions and futuristic aspirations, lies the question: can GIFT City,
unlike many other promises, actually deliver? The challenges are undeniable. Attracting
global giants, fostering innovation, and ensuring sustainable development requires meticulous
planning, strategic execution, and unwavering dedication. Yet, the early signs are promising.
Leading banks, exchanges, fintechs, airlines, and other ancillary services have already set up
shop, and the city’s infrastructure is rapidly taking shape.

GIFT City is more than just a construction project; it’s a symbol of India’s aspirations. It’s a
testament to the nation’s unwavering belief in its own potential, its commitment to a greener
future, and its ambition to become a global financial leader. As the city takes shape, the world
will watch with anticipation, eager to see if this audacious dream can translate into a reality,
transforming not just the landscape of Gandhi’s Nagar, but the future of India itself.

Urban Spaces and Starry Faces

Star power: I-Stay, a Starwing Group entity, has teamed up with Marathi cinema’s beloved
star, Amruta Khanvilkar, as their brand ambassador. The partnership with Amruta has been a
game-changer, significantly boosting awareness and interest in the project.
I-Stay Apartments: Offering a choice between cozy studio homes and spacious 1BHK
apartments, I-Stay is designed for the modern Mumbaikar seeking comfort and convenience.
Amplifying reach: This collaboration brought to life three captivating reel videos, each
showcasing the unique aspects of I-Stay: the fully furnished studio homes, the generously
sized semi-furnished 1BHK apartments, and an enticing overview of the entire project.
Realatte’s role in success: Realatte took the reins in orchestrating the entire campaign. Our
comprehensive approach covered all bases – liaising with the brand and the star, scripting,
directing, editing, and more.

The result? A highly successful campaign that resonated with
our targeted audience and showcased Realatte’s expertise in bringing real estate projects to
the spotlight.

Check out the Starwing I-Stay Project here.

Real Estate T20

A T20 like no other: Realatte’s latest marketing strategy for Smartworld introduces the Real
Estate T20 campaign, a game-changing offer in the real estate sector. Homebuyers can pay
just 20% of the property price upfront, enjoy a 20% additional discount on payment, and
receive 20 times their booking amount.

● The campaign showcases two standout projects: One DXP, offering opulent smart
homes on Dwarka Expressway, and The Edition, luxury homes redefining the
Gurugram skyline. Each booking also comes with an exciting gift, enhancing the
home-buying experience.

Marketing strategy: The campaign targeted top-funnel audiences through major platforms
like Moneycontrol, Times of India, Financial Express, Economic Times, Hindustan Times,
Vogue, and LinkedIn. It successfully engaged potential customers by appearing as in-app
advertisements on popular food delivery platforms like Swiggy and Zomato. Additionally,
Realatte capitalised on the high viewership of cricket matches to further increase visibility.

● The campaign spread across over 20 channels, achieving more than 10 crore
impressions, 15 lakh clicks, and reaching over 4 crore potential customers. With a
budget of over 1 crore, the campaign has made a significant impact in the market.
This innovative approach not only offers exceptional value to homebuyers but also sets new
standards in real estate marketing, in trademark Realatte style.

Winning in style

We’re super excited to share some awesome news from the ET Realty Event held at Hotel Taj
Santacruz in Mumbai on February 23, 2024. It was a gathering of the who’s who in real
estate, and guess what? Realatte stole the show! We bagged the Best National Digital
Marketing Campaign Award for our cool collaboration with Runwal Developers.

Our co-founder, Nirav Gosalia, shared some insights on how the digital world is all
about videos now. He talked about how ad videos and reels are making it easier and
cheaper to get leads, and how important it is to be on social media if you’re in real
If you’re looking to up your real estate marketing game, give us a shout at Realatte. Let’s
make some magic happen together!

The onset of the COVID-19 pandemic locked down everything from schools to workplaces across the globe and forced all of us to live our lives in the digital realm. Realatte Ventures, as a real estate marketing agency, reviews ten best video conferencing app of 2020 so far.  Many digital agencies in Mumbai must have come across some of this software in their day to day life amidst the pandemic with online meetings, online schools, and also with your friends and family. 


Top 10 Best Video Conferencing Software:

  1. CloudMeet
  2. Zoom Meetings
  3. Cisco Webex Meetings
  4. Skype
  5. Google Hangouts Meet
  6. Microsoft Teams
  7. GoTo Meetings
  8. TeamViewer
  9. UberConference
  10. BlueJeans Meetings



With CoudMeet, impart your video conferencing experience more quickly and efficiently. A private web conferencing system like Cloudmeet lets you send messages publicly and privately, hold meetings in HD audio and video, allows breakout rooms, polls, screen sharing, and multi-user whiteboard. Apart from that, a CloudMeeting is better than other video conferencing software as it avails no time limit on sessions, cost-effective than other software in the market, and highly secure.



Zoom is a famous online meeting and video conferencing platform known for its webinar capabilities for live virtual events and broadcasting. It features Video Webinar, Rooms, Phone, chat functionality, etc. In terms of performance and compatibility features, Zoom prevails HD audio and video quality, low internet connection requirements, compatible with browsers Chrome, Firefox, Safari, and IE. Screen sharing features include desktop, document, application, and whiteboard sharing. Security features include user authentication, a list of participants, a confidential attendee list, and a secure file sharing feature. Mid-sized companies highly use Zoom for their quality features and tools. With advanced features, Zoom is highly used in educational sectors and hospital management. 



Webex Meetings already is an ace in computer software with one of the most secure videos conferencing platforms on the market. With the new Webex Room Phone, it enables a whole new level of capabilities beyond phone calls—the one-touch joining of meetings, nearby pairing with the Webex app, the ability to share screen, and application with both guests and employees, and more. Lately, there are two new integrations been made in the software; firstly, it will have a leading cloud content management platform also an electronic health record software. With these additions, the Webex meeting would be a boon for the healthcare facility and the commercial sector. 



Skype dates back to being the highest scorer in terms of video conferencing software, being a free web meeting, video conferencing, and VoIP software. It includes messaging, audio, and video Skype-to-Skype calls,  can call mobile phones and landlines, charged international calling, and conference calling capabilities up to 25 people. Skype is a clear winner in this race as it enables the user with background blurring, voice and text translation, location share, and conversation search. The best video conferencing software for a small business, midsize company, or enterprise. 



Apart from Skype, the new venture of Google Hangouts Meet is being used as users go-to meeting spot alongside emailing and replying on hangout. It has been a real catch for all internal meetings and has been easily accessible to the clientele. The easy to use Google Hangouts Meet is self-sufficient for users to create a session, jump into one, and to share with another one. Besides having good audio and video quality, the sessions cant be recorded and have better access for non-G Suite users. 



Microsoft Teams has the perfect combination of video conferencing software with team collaboration tools. It allows MS Office users to conduct conference calls and share files via, join, or initiate a group chat. With Microsoft meetings, it avails you to meet with teams ranging from 10 or 10,000. 



GoToMeeting has a colossal base of users for real-time virtual communication and collaboration. GoToMeeting being fast and efficiently, enables users to meet face to face, share presentations, and chat all with the click of a button. Designed with a mix of productivity, the work can be done effectively on any device at any time. Excellent use for presentation,  web, and video conferencing. 



Aiming to empower the connection between users and their work, TeamViewer offers secure remote access, support, control, and collaboration capabilities.  Around 1.7 billion devices have used TeamViewer and are rising day by day. The recent LiveChat integration adds a fundamental feature in the video conferencing software. 



UberConference has its altogether different set of capabilities than the rest of them. With the integration of document management capability, it enables third-party applications such as Google Drive, LinkedIn, Evernote, and Dropbox. It provides features such as screen sharing, calls controls and recording, and a mobile application. A unique feature provided by UberConference is custom hold music, allowing users to upload music files in their app settings for meetings and conferences. By the time the meeting starts, participants can listen to it while they wait for the conversation to begin. Additionally, for insights on meetings and conference calls, UberConference provides analytics into business communications.



BlueJeans video conferencing allows us to better interact with employees and clients. Dolby Noise Cancelling enhances the call quality in the app. If there were annotations on shared content, it would be helpful as it will let the user mark things up in real-time. Video quality can be scaled to better quality and also allow to disable video. 

As more and more governments, educational institutions, hospitals, and other essential organizations turn to the digital realm, so increases the demand for the best in class video conferencing software. As a part of the community, real estate marketing companies have to transgress towards being more dependent and deployed towards the digital realm. 


Any brand's digital strategy includes online reputation management as it's only brewing online consumer base is continuously growing. It is a fundamental requirement as to how your brand and what is presented about your brand across platforms. Not a lot goes into building a winning online reputation if you know the losing and winning points. As customers actively search for information, it is necessary to have a colossal ORM strategy in place. 

To maintain a positive brand image amidst the lockdown, current businesses need to monitor conversations around their brand and the industry across social media, community forums, review sites, blogs, and all over the internet. 

Respond. Reply. Regain.

Without any reviews and recommendations online, your brand won't be able to gain the trust that it acquires with having an updated online presence. Make sure the answers to customer queries are done on time. If not, witnessing negative feedback from customers about your service or product online can lead to a massive drop in sales.

By knowing what your customers are talking about online regarding your business is a winning element for your reputation management. With reviews and recommendations, customers refer them before making a purchase. 

Keep The Comments In Check

It's your pathway to loss if you delete or avoid a customer complaint. By covering up or hiding a negative comment can again lead to distrust. 

The only way to win over the audience is my honesty. With clear signs of transparency and openness, it always catches the public eye. Make sure the issues are resolved promptly by talking and determining those issues if it might benefit your brand to name new updates and integrations that were once lacking. 

Ace on the Search Engine 

Tremendous leverage on SEO can be done to make positive content monopolize the Google Search results and push down the negative references about your brand. With impromptu, valuable and fragile content on various web pages about your brand can enable in outranking negative comments over some time.

Your ace game can be taken up by an integrated approach by an SEO marketing agency that effectively uses ORM tools to create positive word-of-mouth. The promising way to do so is by contentful blogs or reviews across platforms, review portals, and social media.

Delight The Customers 

The only thing about marketing online is how often your content is shared. With optimized content and making customer interactions, momentous helps in turning customers happy. Eventually,  a satisfied customer likes to share positive experiences and eventually becomes a true leader to the brand. 

To attain the delight of the customers, brands need to actively track mentions and follow customer conversations online to respond and commence discussions. Go that extra mile to delight the customer and create a positive brand experience for them.

Build A Brand Personality

Now more than ever, most brands have turned to the digital realm and are taking all their endeavors to rectify customer experience. The key is to establish an extraordinary action towards dealing with concerns and encouraging conversations supports in constructing the brand and telling apart yourself from the adversaries. Online Reputation Management also majorly serves as an opportunity to present your brand persona and formulate a social media voice that will be for the consumers.

Furthermore, reputation management requires proactive control. The company must pay close attention to their online reputations well before some disaster strikes. 

Online Reputation Management could be the only missing piece in your digital strategy right now.  If you’re looking forward to creating a difference and delight customers, real estate marketing agency - Realatte Ventures is your ultimate savior. Amongst the top 10 digital agency in Mumbai, we aspire your brand to become the one you want to be. 

On the race of being the one on the top searches of Google is the achievement of every brand and marketer. But what beats that? A box that appears with the precise word to word information of the search query - a Featured Snippet.

Featured snippets are the characterized and factual content that shows up in Google’s SERPs immediately after the paid ads and sponsored posts. They hold the power to drive a ton of attention toward your site and can be an invaluable stroke for any SEO marketing agency. Considering the advantages of featuring your content on the featured snippet comes with more clicks, more visibility, and a higher conversion rate. 

But, how to get a featured snippet for your content? 


Optimize Your Page

Originally, featured snippets are programmed to simply answer questions. It is Google’s algorithms that find the page with the most simple and relevant answer to the user's question. Firstly, by optimizing your page with relevant content based on user’s queries the chances of being featured on the snippet rises. 


Optimize Your Content

Specific Content - User’s questions would be answered only if the content is specific and to the point. As featured snippets are informative, make sure the content is in-depth. The content should be written in a format to answer a rhetorical question. Simply put, if 

The content doesn't answer questions, it won’t be eligible to appear in the featured content. 

Google’s algorithms search through countless sites to provide the users with the information they require, entirely based on the content. Keep in mind creating the content keeping the user’s questions at the center. 


Content-Based On Wh-Questions - To write content based on the user’s queries, a lot of research is required. Start by searching what the users might search in the Google search box that might bring up some enticing topics for your content that’s more likely to rank in the snippets. 

Generally, content to be written on the topics should answer How does, How do, How to, What is, Why, etc. there are 19% chances that your content might result in a featured snippet if such Wh- questions are answered. 

High- End Content - The foremost requirement is the need to understand about featured snippets is that they do not take any detour from Google’s complex ranking system. Through featured snippets your brand can generate great organic results, it is a smart move to keep all the ranking requirements in mind while creating the content. 

For the content to be highly engaging, it needs to be Rich Comprehension, User-oriented, entertaining, and High in quality. Using these tactics can enhance your chance of landing on the featured snippet and availed for the wider base of readers.

Be Responsive - The user’s questions need to be answered by hook or by crook. While creating the content skim the surface by diving deep into your content with in-depth information that covers all the corners of the user’s query. Apart from the content, add visual content such as videos or infographics as reference.

Also, keep the whole reader's base mind and not write which might not be understandable. By following these steps, your content will easily outperform your competition and reach across the web to be landed in the featured snippet. 


Importance of Keyword Research

By conducting keyword research, search volume tells us how established a particular keyword is, while through keyword difficulty it indicates how hard it will be to rank for that term based on the current rankings along with the competitor sites. Keyword research is therefore one of the most vital and great return activities performed by any digital marketing agency through search engine optimization. 

Ranking for the correct keywords can make or break your website's performance in the overall use of search engines and might give you more chances to be landed on the Featured Snippet. 


Featured Snippets - Ultimate Exposure

As far as Google focuses on user intent and user experience, featured snippets shall continue to gain importance. Featured Snippet is the most relevantly accessible feature that Google has adapted for the betterment of the user’s. Once you are ready and confident with your content, you can boost your online engagement much more and make it easier for users everywhere to interact with your site in this crammed digital environment.


Google designed the featured snippet to provide the best answer possible to the user's question and you have acknowledged every possible way of how you can reach there. With the services of real estate digital marketing agencies like Realatte you can keep the optimization cycle running even if you don't reach the featured snippet, you might just come ahead of your competitors in the market.


Even though SEO is one of the most talked-about features at digital agencies in Mumbai as it is dwelled on in the world of digital marketing. With a plethora of research and planning it is known that content is King and thus To get traffic and visitors to your website or marketing campaign, it requires SEO optimized content. The ideal way to know the importance of keyword research is by understanding what your audience wants to find. 

Importance of Keyword Research

The foundation of any marketing strategy entirely relies on keyword research. Optimized by search engines, keyword research is performed to find words and phrases that users are searching for on Google and other major sources. As keywords have an increasing focus on the searcher's intent, a great deal goes into understanding the audience's search.

Keyword research can be performed through the use of certain tools which lets the marketers recognize the best keywords for clients by indicating pertained search terms and suggesting valuable metrics such as search volume and keyword difficulty. 

By conducting keyword research, search volume tells us how established a particular keyword is, while through keyword difficulty it indicates how hard it will be to rank for that term based on the current rankings along with the competitor sites. Keyword research is therefore one of the most vital and great return activities performed by any digital marketing agency through search engine optimization. Ranking for the correct keywords can make or break your website's performance in the overall use of search engines.

Focus On Your Audience

Keyword research is entirely done for the audience and towards the audience. By focusing on your audience and then using keyword data to buff those insights will make much more successful campaigns than focusing on erratically arbitrary keywords.

Discover Right Keywords

The right keywords are generally things like products, services, or other topics your website addresses, as those can be the seed keywords for your research. Besides, those keywords can be entered into a keyword research tool to discover average search volume and similar keywords. By doing this, marketers can determine which variations of keywords are most popular amongst the audience. It is advantageous to target the audience with what they are searching for. By the use of search volume, it is easy to prioritize certain keywords that shall give the website a strategic advantage.

Uncovering search volume

Long Tail Keywords take up the top 10 results for high-volume keywords, so going after the same keywords can be like going on an uphill battle for ranking with them. Instead, for higher search volume long-tail keywords can be used for organic ranking success against greater competition. In most cases, it may be most advantageous to target highly specific, lower competition search terms rather higher.

Use Of Keywords All Over The Content

By incorporating keywords on every optimized page of your website, meta titles, descriptions, and even in the URL can help in making the content to be noticed. With well-written content, the website can reach the paramount of SEO strategy. Google often rewards websites that offer the most value to visitors with the use of keywords in H1 and H2 headings. 

Keywords Used In The Market

By prioritizing high-volume keywords that the competitors in the market are not currently ranking for shall bid high rankings for you. Apart from that keywords from the competitors must also be prioritized for support ranking. Such an aggressive strategy can set you up to compete for keywords your competitors are already performing with.

Value Of Keywords

The value of the keywords can be found and metricated by certain tools that help the SEO marketing agency to find the right keywords for the clients. Tools such as,

Google Keyword Planner - Google's AdWords Keyword Planner has been the most common focal point for any SEO keyword research. However, Keyword Planner does have some restrictions on search volume data by lumping keywords together into large search volume range buckets. 

Moz Keyword Explorer - By inputting a keyword in the Keyword Explorer tool can generate information like monthly search volume and SERP features that are ranking for that keyword. The tool brings out accurate search volume data by using live clickstream data. It can also help you narrow down your keyword options to the phrases with the topmost ranking. With a higher keyword score, the more difficult it would be to rank. 

Google Trends - A keyword trend tool is an ultimate tool for finding seasonal keyword variations. 

AnswerThePublic - As it is a free keyword research tool it populates commonly searched questions around a specific keyword. 

The importance of keyword research comes with SEO marketing making it one of the most effective methods used in digital marketing. Realatte a real estate marketing agency integrates effective SEO with other digital marketing tools and techniques resulting in growth and an ultimate outreach. With our optimized SEO team, we aim to maximize your sales with a high-end strategy to enhance site traffic, top ranking, and high conversion rates.


The arrival of digitization has sailed into every market be it retail or real estate. To anchor sales in the pool of opportunities that come with being on a digital platform, every realtor must be assisted by a real estate marketing agency. From generating effective leads to boosting sales enormously, realtors can be at the forefront by relying on digital marketing. 

Most realtors are now on the digital platform through a fully functioning web page and an active social media page. It has made home buying experience facile for the clients and clear in terms of research and comparison before buying their future home. Besides, when it comes to boosting sales, the realtor’s visions and actions are most essential to swim through and reach the desired results.


Amplify The Social Presence

As the current crisis has made homebuyers spend most of their time browsing and swiping through social media. About 84% of the real estate owners are now social media users making a phenomenal breakthrough in generating leads. Making social media an ideal platform to share ads, posts, and videos to create a brand page. By having a brand profile on social platforms boosts sales as it gives out trust, confidence, and surety to the online audience. 

To boost sales make sure you're experienced about social media platforms and post regularly from time to time across all channels. For a more yielding outcome, realtors can show varied content including new or existing listings, team bios, case studies, blog posts, and success stories. Social media platform which can boost sales are,


Facebook - It has more than 1.47 active users waiting for your offers and deals. With the use of Facebook insights, your campaign can target individuals who are looking for a home in preferred locations resulting in boosting the sales up. Through paid advertising, Facebook is easy to endorse and expand the audience to reach. 


Instagram - It has up to one billion active users, looking at pictures of your real estate property and deciding whether it's a good choice for them. As Instagram is all about pictures, the social media plan can promote amenities, relevant USP’s and locale of the project to the audience who are to buy property in your business area.


YouTube - One of the other social media channels that are gaining popularity with one billion users. It is a smart digital marketing tool to showcase the properties for sale and communicate with subscribers which are the target audience you require. Realtors can easily boost sales by taking YouTube under their wing. 

Realatte’s social media digital marketing team amplifies your digital marketing strategy by creating a larger impact in the eyes often public over traditional forms of marketing.


Curate User Prone Websites

Most home searching is done by mobile devices nowadays. It is a must to optimize your company's landing pages that are prone to mobiles. To create an impactful and hasslefree landing page make sure your website includes a set of new listings, attractive content that will guide them through the process of home buying and offers and deals provided. By acknowledging customer's convenience, the landing page can be created on that grounds leading to development in response to the website.

Apart from that, the trending voice search chat feature must be implemented on the website. As the real estate business is acutely people-centric, making the feature of live chat software a necessary tool to be in contact with the audience. With the help of professional web designers at a web design & development company - Realatte; be it creation or implementation of your website it is all taken care of. 


Power of Pay-Per-Click Advertising

For real estate professionals Pay per click advertisement is remarkable as the leads pay for it whenever your ads get clicked on. To generate new prospects based on the campaigns, PPC campaigns can target individuals who are searching through specific keywords in Google or any other search engine. Known to be a great digital marketing option for realtors with an exemplary strategy for boosting sales. 

Realatte, also a PPC marketing agency, attracts targeted individuals with an effective PPC campaign exclusively for the realtors. 


Strategize Via SEO Content

Up to 80% of home buyers search for available homes online, but how does your property be on the top? By all means, the use of effective keywords incorporated into a content marketing strategy can drive your sales and leads directly to your website resulting in a way to boost sales. As Google tends to shift its algorithm often, the SEO marketing agency must be willing to focus on SEO more than once. 

Using a high ranking keyword not only on the website but also throughout your blog content and website can work wonders. With the use of SEO content in Backlinks, Social media pages, Online directories, Meta titles, and descriptions can turn into a strong SEO strategy. 


Rule over the Blog Content 

Blog Content being a creative source has come far away from being a casual online tool to an essential element of digital marketing for real estate. Knowing how broad is the structure of real estate, realtors can take advantage of the power of content marketing and focus on sharing information with potential home buyers. With a proper content marketing strategy, digital marketers can achieve better SEO results. To have a responsive website, make sure regular content is posted for potential buyers to seek answers on the most pressing real estate questions.


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During the past months one thing which has let people stay connected in Social Media. Even though people are bound at home and separated by COVID 19, they are united by social media. Platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram has made people and even businesses engage with the world. This emphasis on mainstream social media has shown the power of connection and support. One must stay active on SMM in digital marketing now more than ever as it provides, 


New Identity 

Social Media helps to portray yourself as an individual to share your inputs, perspectives, and opinions. People generally use social media to connect with friends, family, and likeminded people around the world.

Whereas for businesses social media lets them Through Social Media digital marketing businesses can brand, sell, and market by showing their services and requirements. In current times with everything being locked-down, social media platforms must be used to connect with customers and grow their business online. 


A Contribution

Through Social Media, you can help, support, and contribute. It lets you express your goodwill for society and your business. For instance, during the COVID-19 outbreak, businesses struggled with losing sales and hold in the market. These businesses upgraded their marketing with social media agency which led them to contribute their share with customers. 

Mainly, the aim was to reach out to the customers to gain their trust and show affection in such times of need. To use social media as a mode to support takes it to a whole new paradigm. From sharing support to communal attacks, earthquakes, and other events social media has brought awareness, affection, and allowance. 


Convenience with Inconvenience

Social Media is known for being user-oriented and spreading awareness. But with being an easy resource it also spreads questionable rumors and misinformation. But recently, social media platforms have been taken into consideration these issues by responsibly taking down fake news and taking the right steps by not misguiding and providing facts. 


Effective Marketing Method

Social Media is one cost-effective method of marketing which is why it is practiced by multiple businesses to connect to more people, increase your audience, and grow your business. In times of crisis, companies who didn’t have an online presence shifted to digital marketing by understanding the importance of it. Social media has let these companies organize and host such activities such as Webinars, YouTube Videos, or share about their support on Facebook and Instagram during the lockdown.


Smooth Pathway Towards Audience 

By adapting trending modes of activity businesses must not straight away try selling their services but instead gain the value and trust of the audience. Social Media being a mainstream media platform is always crowded with trending, contextual, and current situations in the market. In such times of crisis, if one promotes themselves on social media only based on the lines of branding and not showing support then it can tend to become distasteful.

So, instead of only idealizing on branding one must also embrace the contextual logic of being on social media during the COVID 19 crisis. Company profiles must practice that they deliver messages and show support by providing helpful information. 


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In the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic and looking beyond it, what we are looking for and foreseeing are some measures and changes which have led to affect the marketing sector. Companies are facing drain in cash flow, businesses are shutting down due to which they are cutting back on marketing and saving for upcoming issues. 

Well, when some are stepping away, few businesses are coming up with interesting ways of engaging their audience with them during these difficult times. Until now things worked completely on a different scale but with the changes which have to be faced these are times when one has to learn to earn. 

Change in Marketing

In a critical situation to understand and embrace the rapid change, a digital marketing agency must have a proactive plan to adjust and adapt to how they function their teams and serve their clients who may further serve the customers. Certain changes which the marketing sector has faced are,

Create a Landscape of Possibilities

By foreseeing all possible scenarios and consequences the marketing team must develop a plan for any occurring scenario. Any real estate digital marketing company or advertising agency, nowadays are drilling down to bring out key aspects that might help them keep their company and the marketing organization strong and sustained.

Aim at Giving

Offer your services by asking, delivering ads and messages on social platforms based on the realities of the pandemic. Now is the time for companies to provide as much value and gratitude as possible to the customers and communities. By doing so, you might transcend your marketing but would be remembered in the long term. By giving as much as one can, it would be better when COVID-19 pandemic ends and would have support to survive in it. 

Importance of Consumer Behaviour

Long before the world was hit by the pandemic, consumer trust has been at the topmost priority in marketing a business. The current crisis seems to have poised a distrust in customers toward the companies. To re-establish trust companies have to take actions based on customer-centric behavior. Be available to your customers in terms of health concerns or information relevant to your company. 

Staying Balanced

It is the task of the marketing team to only stay neutral in such tough times and be clear in terms of what the company can and cannot offer. Marketers must support customers and protect customer relationships by carefully taking actions that provide stability and clarity for both the business and the customers. 

Manage your Profile

Apart from managing your profile having a business profile with services, launch dates, availability, etc must be maintained. If your business can be functioned online allow customers to cancel and return or offer payment options based on convenience. It not only shows your standard but also your service in front of the audience. Make sure the customer service does answer doubts and queries from customers with accuracy and manners. 

Reshape the Digital Presence

Earlier people only had an ordinary website and some businesses didn’t even have an online presence. But, with the strike, COVID 19 lockdown businesses realized the importance of being active online and having a web design & development company to develop a digital presence. Innovative modes to market with the use of social media apps, tools, and services such as transactions and delivery modes are adapted. By enabling these digital variants one must not leave behind the art of talking and conversing, especially now, at times of need. 

Marketing Post COVID 19

Take in the “New”

It is a matter of fact that the pandemic will have a long-term effect on the functioning and outlook of the world. World consisting of society and a society consisting of people who have come out of the crisis would change things for sure. In such changing times, the marketing sector will have to evolve with new terms of presentation and exhibition of business according to the realities of a post-COVID-19 world. Even though some might have started shaping themselves, bearing in mind the consequences to the pandemic that may still surprise us and are yet not possible to predict.

Growth in Corporate Reshaping

By the time things right suffice, current workspaces will be remodeled as companies would want a spacious working space for their employees. There will be increased demand for new workplace design, focusing on public health and safety, flexible and health-oriented working infrastructure.

Technological Advances

The massive adoption of work from home efficiency through the pandemic phase will likely increase the pace of the future working module, including even more emphasis on robotics, IT, Virtua Reality, Big Data, etc.

Virtual Programs

Marketers will have to outgrow from the standard model of events and conference meetings to adapting the virtual mode of presenting events and shifting to online meetings. As your target audience is going to be at home instead of attending your events, it would be understandable that businesses provide uplifting ad informative content for people to adhere to. With time on their hand’s marketers can try practicing VR content. 

Blend In or Stay Out

Everyone would be coming out of the pandemic sailing in the same boat. In the post-COVID 19 period marketing will have to write a new book as the audience and economy of the world would have been changed. Marketers who learn the opportunities now would be able to compete when they have the chance to. 

Not much can be said about what the marketing sector would be post-COVID 19 but certain changes must be accepted and practiced to survive until COVID 19 lasts. We at Realatte - real estate marketing agency adhere to evolve in post-COVID 19 by keeping in mind Corporates, Technology, and Sustainability that led to the changes which caused a loss of opportunities and how they can be retained and refurbished.


Apart from the constant struggle humans have faced due to COVID 19 pandemic, so has business sectors and economy. There was a massive switch in marketing that shifted from traditional to digital. In such turbulent time, marketers saw a rapid change that how a  Pay Per Click Campaign can be an actionable step towards a thriving uplift.

It is known that a PPC Campaign maximizes your business marketing plan and provides gamut ways to increase their ROI. It is the most productive advertising favored by every PPC marketing agency as it helps them to keep track of expenses and manage additional marketing tactics. On the large structure of current times having a PPC campaign is essential for your business to strive by,

Outreach in the Pandemic


Thrive through The Pandemic

As there is a rise in e-commerce sites, to have a thriving impression on the search results page is likely fierce. If your business is in a high demand category such as food, consumables, daily essentials, etc then having a PPC campaign is like the vaccine your business needs during the pandemic. 


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