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Leadership Team

Realatte a 360 degree real estate focused digital marketing agency founded by Mayank, Nirav, Harish, Rahul & Rohan works with 100+ top real estate brands across India.
Realatte along with Logicloop Tech, Logicloop Digital & Jucy Gifts is a part of "The Logicloop Alliance".


Rahul Goyal


Rahul Goyal, with his deep knowledge of the education industry, has developed and implemented innovative growth strategies that have helped brands to stand out in a highly competitive industry.


Rohan Shah


Rohan Shah with his vast experience and knowledge in the field of digital marketing, has been instrumental in cracking ROI across multiple industries, including Education, Real Estate and Fashion.


Mayank Vora


Mayank Vora with a core tech background, was involved in building scalable CRM solutions for global clients. His knowledge in technology and marketing have helped bring innovation to marketing thereby driving performance for various brands.


Nirav Gosalia


Nirav Gosalia has been instrumental in the fast-paced growth of Edulatte. His vision and experience have helped to not only bring innovation to marketing but to also add value to client’s business.


Harish Patel


Harish Patel is credited with being the architect of the in-house marktech tools that has helped large number of brands in scaling up its operations.

The Logicloop Alliance

Realatte is part of "The Logicloop Alliance", we are a group of companies which includes the technology services company Logicloop Tech, the 360 degree digital marketing agency Logicloop Digital and Jucy Gifts which is into corporate gifting.

Logicloop Digital is a fully integrated, ROI-driven, digital marketing agency that is equipped with the industrial acumen to render flexible ideas and air-tight strategies for clients like Saregama India, Dr Batras, Aditya Birla Insurance Broker Ltd,RCity Mall, Auto Hangar Mercedes & more.

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Edulatte is an extensive education based digital agency with key expertise in design, digital and development. From Pre-school to higher education institutes, we cater to them all. With our years of expertise in digital marketing, we have forayed into the education sector to bring you modern marketing solutions.

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Logicloop Tech caters to end to end IT services from product conceptualisation, UI/UX services, product development and CI/CD services that has been delivering web and mobile app-based solutions to businesses since 2008.

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India’s innovative gifting portal where you can find unique personalised gift options. The rich experience as technocrats, marketers and manufacturers of quality gifting products makes the brand determined to redefine every individual’s gifting experience.

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Our Esteemed Clients

Real Estate Marketing

We strive to grow, establish, and succeed as a solely dedicated Real Estate Marketing Agency just by prioritizing the digital expansion of your Real Estate Company locally, socially, and globally with an Impactful Online Presence, Value Proposition, and High ROI.

Services We Provide

Search Engine Marketing

Feel prioritized as we promote your digital presence with revamped strategies that will earn desired results with a valued target audience, maximum conversions, and oriented results.

Social Media Marketing

Have a worthy Social Media strategy that publishes trending social media content, targets the audience, and engages them to Like, Share, and Follow You!

Search Engine Optimisation

SEO is performed to outreach, with an optimized SEO team it is our aim to maximize your sales with a high-end strategy to enhance site traffic, top ranking, and high conversion rates.

Website Design & Development

What starts well ends well! Develop your website with our specialized web development team that creates a creative design, effective layout, and responsive online experience.

Our Esteemed Client

Sunteck India

  • Project :West World
  • Location :Affordable, Suburban Mumbai
  • Ticket Size :₹ 25 Lacs Onwards
  • Campaign Duration :60 Days
  • Campaign Budget :₹ 1.75 Cr
  • Objective :High reach campaign to generate 30,000+ Leads at a Cost Per Lead of ~INR 600, Achieve a lead to qualification ratio on 45% Create urgency


  • Project location too far from the city with no proper infrastructure and connectivity
  • Established location in the vicinity with good infra and developments

Execution Plan & Strategy

  • To achieve high reach, we had activate more than 15 digital platforms from day 1 of the campaign launch
  • New platforms were activated at intervals to ensure high reach & continuous engagement while non-performing platforms were deactivated or reduced budgets
  • Tactical usage of Google display in the micro-markets to ensure continuous recall for the brand. Remarketing strategy with responsive ads to reach a wide spectrum of the audience in a limited time
  • Latest Google beta features were incorporated during the awareness phase of the campaigns. Zip code targeting and RLSA strategy were implemented.


  • Google recommended non-last click attribution model for tracking conversions
  • Marketing automation for lead nurturing
  • Candid video shots were done to capture real time response and content was curated continuously which boosted the overall digital performance
  • Testimonials and rush at site videos were used in the campaigns for lead generation
  • Google beta strategy of detailed demographics was implemented


  • Total Spend :₹ 1.75 Cr
  • Clicks :15+ Millions
  • Impressions :3.5 Millions
  • Leads :40,000+
  • Cost Per Lead :₹ 430
  • Site Visits :113
  • Booking Done :500+
  • Platforms Managed :Google Search, Google Display, Google Discover, Youtube, Facebook, Taboola, Outbrain, Moneycontrol, Colombia, SMS

The Wadhwa Group

  • Project :Atmosphere
  • Location :Mulund, Central Mumbai
  • Ticket Size :₹ 1.38 Cr
  • Campaign Duration :60 Days
  • Campaign Budget :₹ 1.20 CR
  • Objective :Generate 10,000+ Leads at a Cost Per Lead of ~ INR 1,200


  • Achieve a qualification ratio of 25% and site visit ratio of at least 8% during the campaign phase
  • Existing project with a new tower launch, so the market was already saturated
  • Huge competition from competitors like Piramal Realty, L & T, Runwal Group, Sheth Group

Execution Plan & Strategy

  • Beat the competition with lucrative pricing and offers for spot booking
  • Ensure 100% share of voice of Google Search through the out-ranking bidding mechanism
  • Video ads highlighting the project USP of convenience and brand trust
  • Created multiple touch points for a prospective customer basis their digital behaviours
  • Strategic brand building platforms to ensure the awareness in the right TG
  • Two phase campaign i.e. Awareness & Project Launch


  • Search Lead Form ad extensions were implemented
  • Responsive display ad units for wider inventory reach in Google display
  • Partnered Doubleclick for programmatically buying audience segments who are actively looking for real estate and has purchase capacity
  • Implemented Chatbots with high level of analytical tracking & good user interface for traffic from desktop devices
  • Audience buying from partners like Zirca, Vserve and DNB
  • Remarketing all users list generated from Google Analytics


  • Total Spend :₹ 5000551
  • Clicks :1.5 Million+
  • Impressions :2+ Billions
  • Leads :7792
  • Cost Per Lead :₹ 1480
  • Site Visits :452
  • Avg Time Spent on Site :22 Seconds
  • Platforms Managed :Google Search, Google Display, Google Discover, Youtube, Facebook, Taboola, Outbrain, Moneycontrol, Colombia, M-Indicator, TOI, SMS, Etc

Avighna India

  • Project :Avighna IX
  • Location :Lower Parel, South Mumbai
  • Ticket Size :₹ 4.01 Cr
  • Campaign Duration :90 Days
  • Campaign Budget :₹ 50 Lacs
  • Objective :Project awareness to generate 2500+ Leads at a Cost Per Lead of ~2,000


  • Achieve a site visit ratio of at least 5%
  • Slow market for luxury projects
  • No awareness about the project

Execution Plan & Strategy

  • Developed a go-to market strategy with research on competitive projects, existing buyer profile and prospect customer identification
  • Planned a three phase execution strategy i.e. a) Teaser b) Launch c) Project Success
  • In teaser phase, the project name was not revealed. Idea was to create inquisitiveness for the product through awareness channels like Google display, Youtube and programmatic buying
  • The project was launched after 15 days of teaser campaign, during this phase more project details like available configurations, project amenities, floor plans were revealed. This phase was also backed by appealing offers like builder subvention, payment plans and attractive pricing


  • Beta ad inventories like Google Discovery ads & Youtube ad sequencing were implemented
  • Tailored ad copies highlighting the offer on the days on newspaper ads with limited period offer communication
  • Multiple landing page to beat the competition from channel partners
  • Advance analytics to track top contribution micro markets and mobile devices
  • Real time tracking and follow-up mechanism to ensure 2 mins call back


  • Total Spend :₹ 5000551
  • Clicks :500,000+
  • Impressions :3.5 Millions
  • Leads :2655
  • Cost Per Lead :₹ 1883
  • Site Visits :113
  • Avg Time Spent on Site :29 Seconds
  • Platforms Managed :Google Search, Google Display, Google Discover, Youtube, Facebook, Taboola, Outbrain, Moneycontrol, Colombia, SMS

Website Design and Development

We may make the best digital marketing strategy but if the web page is not engaging enough the visitor will bounce. The landing page is often the show stopper when it comes to maximising the ROI for paid campaigns. The online visitor has very little patience and is browsing multiple web pages at the same time. If our website does not catch his attention in time we will lose the opportunity of converting that visitor into an actionable lead.

Intuitive Page Design

In todays competitive environment we need to capture the visitors attention and the first step in that direction is to have a visually appealing and an intuitive layout. Our web designers make sure that your visitor is able to find what he is looking for in the first fold of the page without any difficulty. A right mix of text, images and call to actions often conveys the message perfectly.

SEO Friendly

Technology has a big role to play in the on page seo of websites. Our website development team chooses a technology stack that can enable changing the data and meta data on the website easy through a content management system. Our seo company experts work in tandem with the website development team to make sure that we take complete responsibility of the SEO performance.

Website Load Time

Technology that can scale with traffic is critical to make sure that website loads at a good speed irrespective of the traffic. We are experts at making sure that your website load time is better than competition. We do this by choosing a robust technology stack equipped with server caching and database caching to make sure that we pages can be served at full speed.

Responsive Layout

Smart phones and tablets are the major sources of traffic and so we must make sure that your website is equally engaging on the tablet and smart phones. Our website development experts make sure that your website is responsive, i.e it automatically changes layout as per the device it is opened on.

Prospect Capturing Modules

Once we get the traffic to the website the next challenge is to convert those visitors into leads. Our web design experts define smart call to actions to capture the details of the visitors intuitively. This boosts your website conversion rates thereby increasing the Return on Investment (ROI) on ppc marketing spends.

Social Media Integrations

Social Media Integrations enable your website to be updated with the latest posts and activities from Facebook, twitter, linkedIn and other social platforms. It also allows the users to share the content on your website on their personal social network.

Onboarding Process

Goal Identification

Every piece of your social media strategy serves the goals you set. You simply can’t move forward without knowing what you’re working towards. We Look closely at your company’s overall needs and decide how you want to use social media to contribute to reach them. We undoubtedly come up with several personalized goals, but there are a few that we include in all companies’ strategies: increasing brand awareness, retaining customers and reducing marketing costs are relevant to everyone.

Research Analysis

When it comes to social media marketing, we research for the latest trends, tactics and what methodologies your competitors are up to which not only keeps you appraised of their activity but also gives you an idea of what’s working so that you can integrate those successful tactics into your own efforts.

We share our ideas on methodologies to improve

We keep staying updated so that we stay up with times and keep evolving in the market. We try coming up with new methods to improve the marketing strategies so that you never go out of time.

Closing Note

The onboarding process can seem long and complicated at first, we get it. But keep in mind that it’ll help you stay organized, focused on your goals, and save time in the long run.