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Conquering YT Masthead


YouTube takeover: Realatte hit a home run with a stunning Masthead for a Hiranandani project on YouTube, ensuring that every potential property buyer was hooked on this development. Hiranandani’s Vista Residences became the star of the show, taking over YouTube’s prime real estate and mesmerizing millions.


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Shattering Stereotypes


This Women’s Day, Realatte wasn’t here to play it safe. With our campaign “EMPOWER’ED‘ Women of Real Estate,” we took a bold leap, flipping the script on the typical Women’s Day narrative.

  • Out with the old: Empowerment? Been there, done that. Realatte spotlighted women who aren’t just empowered—they’re owning it in real estate. Meet the trailblazers: From architects to influencers, and brokers to builders, the ad film paraded the prowess of women shaking up a male-dominated industry.
  • Setting a new standard: Rohan Shah, Co-Founder of Realatte, threw down the gauntlet, challenging the norms of Women’s Day celebrations with a focus on women’s achievements, not just their potential.

Ready to get inspired? Watch the captivating film here and join Realatte in cheering on the formidable women of real estate!


Realty Check 3.0: The Pune Pow-Wow!


When and where: March 13, 2024, at JW Marriott, Pune.

What’s the buzz? Realatte’s big bash gathered the top players of the real estate

The lowdown: Over 100 top-notch developers and stakeholders gathered for a day of lively discussions and fresh ideas. Insightful sessions led by industry bigwigs like Ms Sonia Kulkarni, Mr Harish Shroff, and Mr Akash Pharande kept everyone engaged from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m.

Rave reviews: Attendees like Mr Harish Shroff (Nyati Group) and Mr Akash Pharande (Pharande Spaces) praised the event for its networking opportunities and digital insights. Mr Prasad Sangameshwaram (The Economic Times) found the discussion on performance marketing enriching, while Ms Gunjan Goel (Goel Ganga Developments) loved the mix of marketing insights.

In a nutshell: Realty Check 3.0 was a hit, showcasing Realatte’s expertise in real estate marketing. The event’s success has inspired plans to expand it to other Indian cities, fostering discussions on the evolving trends in the Indian real estate market.

If you’re looking to up your real estate marketing game, give us a shout at Realatte. Let’s make some magic happen together!

And that’s a wrap for today. Stay tuned for more Real Talks in our upcoming newsletters!

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