Creating Your Online Site: A Business Survival Guide During Coronavirus

As we all know, the world is filled with a tech-savvy generation that brings forth abundant personal, social and professional opportunities. From being active on Instagram, Retweeting on Twitter to using high-end websites people nowadays believe in only believing in what they see. 

Post-pandemic, only high-end businesses had websites and an online presence. But during the pandemic, small businesses not only had to face a huge shift in growing their business but also got to know the importance of a great website. By creating a great website you achieve a huge impact on your relationship with customers, draw more genuine attention and build trust. By investing in a web design & development company you can create a full-fledged online site with a few tips given below, 


Website: Best For Both Worlds  

Currently, the world consists of Millennials and Generation Z. With such an audience base you need your website to stand out.  Many real estate digital marketing agencies who provide web development can create a site with free templates and add some drag and drop features, etc leading to many identical websites on the internet. To stand out, do some research, find out what your top competitors are up to, think out of the box, and create an online site that defines you. Choose your own font, color scheme, creative templates, etc that ties them directly to your brand voice and services. 

If you are looking for your website to be true to your business, consider having a web developer from a real estate digital marketing company such as Realatte. The small details that we can add will make your online site shine through all the other sites in the market. The site must be accessible to all electronic mediums be it top, phone or tablet. 


Engaging Content That Generates Leads 

Now that the site is up and ready to be filled up. Begin with building creative and engaging content that will drive leads. With a mastered blogging platform, your target audience can easily generate a huge number of leads. Make sure all your social media and off-site content lead back to your website. With off-site consideration, your ideal client can find you easily while searching on google. 

Use your social media digital marketing to create a hive full in your Pinterest, Instagram, LinkedIn, or Twitter pages that buzzes into your website. If you are posting an article on LinkedIn or a post on your Instagram feed make sure you mention the link to your website secured in the content.  Keep them in the loop to reach a larger audience reach. 

If the website has content that benefits the viewer, they might end up spending more time learning about you. To make sure they do, create a pleasing landing page. Instead of highlighting your products and services, rather show them what benefits them. Lastly, provide an option for the viewers to contact you through mails, call or even ask for their queries on the chatbots. 


Strong Search Engines

In the digital world, Search Engine Optimization is the wheel of every digital platform runs on algorithms that keep your site on the top google searches.  With SEO optimized content, that is by using highly used keywords your audience uses to search your content can generate a high number of organic traffic. 

For example, if you want to attract customers looking for Homes with high ceiling, make sure to mention the term “high ceiling” several times on each page. By practicing this, your site would see recurrent engagement and attain their attention for all the right reasons. 


Add Images And Multimedia

Content is the King but, it has to have an alliance with images and multimedia. The content surely grabs the attention, but the image has its part to play too. By using multimedia such as videos, slideshows and photos is a great way to keep your audience using such rich media assets on the site, you will be grabbing a lot of attention leading to an increase in engagement rates. But, with easy access to multimedia comes great responsibility. You don’t want to make your site cluttered and make the viewers scroll down your site as if walking down a maze. Use minimal images and multimedia and use web- and mobile-friendly formats.


Make Easily Navigable Pages

No one likes to wait, but you would want to look for a page that takes time to load, right? Customers want whatever they are looking for quickly! With smart web development, you can manage all your items separately and create a website that is easy and lets the customers have a hassle-free shopping experience.

A great website will speak for itself be it during pandemic or post-pandemic. Have your conversion rate, average order quantities, ROI’s, page views, click-through rates, and other key performance metrics in utmost detail at Realatte - digital marketing agency.  Find your perfect website here at our real estate website development company with attractive visual assets, smart UI/UX design, and skilled SEO. Create your Online site now and keep the customers and leads rolling in. 


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